Take Monday in Pigalle

Take Monday is a travel brand which believes in the long weekend. Our founder, Claire Delap gives us her guide to Pigalle, a Parisian neighbourhood both she and Take Monday call home.

WAKE UP - hunt down a coffee in le Grand Pigalle. They have the cosiest lobby, they open at xxx and have all the international newspapers for their jet lagged clients. I stayed here while I was apartment hunting just before I moved to Paris, and its probably this hotel which first sparked my love of the neighbourhood. You can sit in one of their perfect window nooks and watch as Paris begins to wake up for another week.
Insider secret: the lobby is also a great place for cocktails, or to use as an ‘overseas office’ - unlike many French cafes they are open and serving all day long and they are very laptop friendly. Their currently hosting a pop-up for Frenchie.

PETIT DEJ - Hard to chose, but it has to either be Buvette or Hotel Amour. Both take influence from the US breakfast culture, but with a French stamp. Hotel Amour has a glossy, stay as long as you like feel with bookshelves and a beautiful garden room whereas Buvette is more of a cosy nook. Hotel Amour you’ll find beautifully dressed colleagues working on a keynote over scrambled eggs and Buvette is for foodies, not those who wish to linger.

BREATHE -  now that you’ve broken fast, it’s time to take in some yoga or green space. Try YAY on Rue de Douai or if you’re feeling less active and when suitably stretched/grounded, take a tea into the adorable Square Hector Berlioz and watch the locals enjoying this tiny pocket of green.

DEJ - you’re in Paris so basically your day is about how many meals you can squeeze in. Puce on Rue Chaptal is the perfect local spot, the tables are so close together you’ll be able to eavesdrop on the digital marketers/sculptor/gallery owner you find yourself next to. Their menu is made up of cracking Singaporean, Mexican and French tapas;  in the summer they open one whole for inside/outside vibes.

RETAIL - Pigalle is brimming with authentic, independent boutiques. Simply wander along Notre Dame de Lorettes, Martyrs or Rue Condorcet. Get lost in Sept Cinq, Jimmy Fairly, Jonak, APC, Aesop and obviously Maison Kitsuné.

APERO - Is it happy hour yet? Take advantage of Paris’ unbeatable terrace culture at La Deppaneur or if you’re after something indoors, try Pratz for wine and cheese/charcuterie or Le Pigalle hotel lobby. Or try Scandal whose staff are gloriously friendly.

DINNER - for unbeatable French bistro done perfectly, you have to try le Pantruche. Django is not only the best looking spot in Pigalle, it also serves the best tapas and the best margarita I’ve tasted in Paris. If its something spicy you’re craving, try Atelier Mala for sichuan noodles in a brisk and cheerful setting. I can’t not mention Maison Lautrec for a party restaurant with perfect plates. Insider tip: if you’re a group ask for the chefs table in a hidden room behind the kitchen. They let you stream your own playlist to the speakers! Also, their may or may not be a secret karaoke bar downstairs

LATE NIGHT - SoPi is famous for its unmistakable brand of sloppy beautiful people getting drunk. Wander up Rue Henry Monnier and duck in to anywhere that sounds like your kind of music, but expect a mix of sticky floors and velvet curtains. Try Django, and Lulu White Drinking Club or Carmen if you're chasing the night.

SNACK TIME - If you’re feeling peckish, try the hole in the wall burgers from Dumbo

DON'T MISS - KB coffee roasters - Kiwi run coffee spot, Le Bon George - modern french bistro, Magna - calzone

TIPS - Remember, a lot of Parisian restaurants and bars close on Mondays, so make sure to check the opening hours of anywhere you’re hoping to visit.

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